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Poster for BTS Winter Conference

Posted: 01/12/2014 in BCG

Please see below poster which is being presented at the BTS Winter Conference on 3rd December 2014 which explores how the TB Cohort Audit has changed practice in the North West.



This poster was presented at the ARNS* Conference held at the University of Warwick on 9-10 May 2014, and we’re pleased to say it won 3rd prize! Thanks go to Stacey Farrow, TB Nurse Specialist at Royal Bolton Hospitals and a member of the NW TB Cohort Audit Steering Group, for presenting it.

The poster outlines the NW TB Cohort Process and the 9 Outcomes from  the first two years of Audits. It highlights some key improvements made and the first year of results for the NW initiative to categorise all cases with a level of Enhanced Case Management (ECM). Level Zero denotes no ECM was required and levels 1 to 3 describe increasing levels of support required with level 3 requiring the most intensive support.

*The Association of Respiratory Nurse Specialists

The poster can be viewed here: ARNS%20POSTER%20FINAL1



The North West has seen a worrying increase in the number of children being diagnosed with TB.  Anecdotal evidence suggested that the delivery of  the neonatal BCG programme could be improved, and that we needed to get better at measuring the proportion of eligible babies that had been vaccinated.

In 2012 the TB Summit commissioned a review of the neonatal BCG vaccination programme, across the North West and the findings of this work are published today (14/01/13).  The report includes an assurance framework that can be used by  providers and commissioners to strengthen their programmes and lists the high impact actions that need to addressed as a matter of priority.

The full report can be accessed here: BCG Review – Final Report Jan 2013    

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