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This was our poster presentation at the FIS (Federation of Infectious Societies) conference on the 11-13th November in Birmingham. It describes the pilot work we have undertaken in the NW to categorise all TB cases with a level of ECM (Enhanced case management) from 0 (none) to 3 (cases needing the highest level of input from the nurses).  This is to help quantify the workload of the TB Nurses in a more detailed way and inform workforce planning.

FIS Conference


Cohort Audit  is a systematic approach to capturing quantitative and qualitative data about TB control. In the North West reviews  are held 4 times a year in each of 4 geographic footprints across the North West. These are: Cumbria & Lancashire, Cheshire and Merseyside, North Manchester and South Manchester. The North West has around 800 cases per year so each audit covers around 50 cases.

Coordinating Regional Audits is a complex task and in the North West we have put together a handbook to outline the process. We hope that this is useful to anyone looking to introduce Cohort Audit to their area!

North West TB Regional Audit Handbook