Cohort Review

Cohort Audit  is a systematic approach to capturing quantitative and qualitative data about TB control. In the North West reviews  are held 4 times a year in each of 4 geographic footprints across the North West. These are: Cumbria & Lancashire, Cheshire and Merseyside, North Manchester and South Manchester. The North West has around 800 cases per year so each audit covers around 50 cases.

Coordinating Regional Audits is a complex task and in the North West we have put together a handbook to outline the process. We hope that this is useful to anyone looking to introduce Cohort Audit to their area!

North West TB Regional Audit Handbook


TB Cohort Audits in 2014/15

Please click on the below link for the dates of the TB Cohort Audits in 2014/15.  If you are interested in attending an audit please contact

Cohort Audit Dates for 1415


NW TB Cohort Audit Report for Years 1 and 2

This report is a comprehensive review of the 1,515 cases tuberculosis notified during the first 2 years of North West TB Cohort Audit. Significant numbers of TB cases occur in the North West and since 2011 partners across the locality have been working together, through the TB Summit to address this. The joint expertise being harnessed through cohort audit is vitally important in supporting high and low incidence areas to maintaining expertise in TB management. We believe the large geographic footprint covered by the North West Cohort Audit is unique in the UK. We hope that you will agree, on reading this report, that it has been successful.



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