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This poster was presented at the ARNS* Conference held at the University of Warwick on 9-10 May 2014, and we’re pleased to say it won 3rd prize! Thanks go to Stacey Farrow, TB Nurse Specialist at Royal Bolton Hospitals and a member of the NW TB Cohort Audit Steering Group, for presenting it.

The poster outlines the NW TB Cohort Process and the 9 Outcomes from  the first two years of Audits. It highlights some key improvements made and the first year of results for the NW initiative to categorise all cases with a level of Enhanced Case Management (ECM). Level Zero denotes no ECM was required and levels 1 to 3 describe increasing levels of support required with level 3 requiring the most intensive support.

*The Association of Respiratory Nurse Specialists

The poster can be viewed here: ARNS%20POSTER%20FINAL1